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Black Light Bodyscapes combines the beauty of the female form with the splendor of God’s creations found in this world and worlds beyond. Using temporary fluorescent materials the scenes are painted directly on the skin and photographed in modest poses to create a piece of art that is as unique as you are.” by John P.

Handiedan’s New Wheat-Pasted Mural for Urban Nation Berlin Handiedan’s New Wheat-Pasted Mural for Urban Nation Berlin Handiedan’s New Wheat-Pasted Mural for Urban Nation Berlin


Canary Islands, Malika Favre

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Treasure Hunting in Mexico City with @lanzgg

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“This city is a place full of life, loud noises and big smiles. It is saturated with colors and flavors,” explains Mexico City Instagrammer Jacinta Lanz (@lanzgg). Though Jacinta is originally from Dayton, Ohio, she moved to Mexico City as a young child and has found artistic inspiration in her adopted country ever since. “I’m on the lookout for color, decay and people. When I find all of those things together, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Places that look forgotten, old, dirty or even ugly often become treasures for me. I find something extraordinary, in the everyday ordinary.”


What one may perceive as imaginary, I see as realities in all of us. Art often enables us to express ourselves in our truest form, and it is photography that allows me to do just that. Photography’s primary focus is capturing everyday reality. In a quick snap, something timeless that everyone can understand is created. However, photography can be much more than that. Why not use the true-to-life aspect of photography to display the inner workings of our souls? It is my goal to transcend the reality we all see, to the reality we all feel. ”

Photography by Robby Cavanaugh.



Isolation party, Anthony Zinonos

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Circling the Sun, Johan Lolos